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I am SO grateful I went forward in working with Wildwood Editing in 2016. Simone edits all of my online content, weekly newsletters, website, and books. She finds things I didn’t even know to look for and I am grateful for her keen eye. My confidence in my writing has gone way up and I now know that when I put something out in my own voice, it will be received how I intended.

In a day when the written word is still so powerful, and more and more business owners are using this beautiful medium to leave their mark and express themselves, I LOVE knowing that my brand and my vision are being represented as I hoped—no getting lost in translation or having unintended grammatical errors distract from my ideas. Thank you, Simone, for your attention to detail and for getting me. I recommend Simone for any business owner who uses writing to market, share, or connect with their customers. She is such an asset to my team and to the body of work I hope to leave in the world!

Andrea L.

Author & Coach

Simone has always been able to clarify and strengthen my message and make everything flow perfectly. She is a natural with the details to ensure your vision clearly comes through in your own voice. I am a massage therapist and own two small businesses, and while I enjoy writing, I am well known for my run-on sentences. I have known Simone for years, and she has been a savior in many situations!

Brian H.

Massage Therapist

Simone is my go-to person for editing projects both big and small. Her true gift is her ability to intuitively understand what I’m trying to convey and transform it into a more concise and fluid statement while still maintaining my voice and personality.

Starting my own business was often overwhelming, so it made sense to hire an expert to do the pieces that I struggled with. She’s helped me with website content, proposals, marketing documents, course descriptions, and correspondence. I appreciate her collaborative approach and in addition to her precise grammar and detailed technical skills she is patient, reliable, offers helpful suggestions, and responds quickly to questions and deadlines.

It’s obvious she loves what she does, is amazing at it, and has a genuine interest in helping fellow entrepreneurs.

Jennifer D.

Coach & Consultant