welcome to wildwood

Wildwood Editing is here to support creative storytellers, whether you’re writing newsletters envisioning how to change this world or exploring new worlds through narrative games or novels. 

At its heart, storytelling with Wildwood is about embracing the connections that come from speaking up and sharing your voice with the world, and uplifting and celebrating voices from all cultures and identities. 

Sure, editing involves checking modifiers and punctuation, but it’s so much more: Curiosity. Creativity. Connection. Lots of things that don’t start with the letter C, like empowerment and advocacy and justice and collaboration. 

(Oops, back to C again.)

wildwood’s values

Speaking of words that start with C, you might be familiar with what some call the Four C’s of Editing: clear, concise, correct, and consistent. 

These are an excellent foundation to the practice of editing. As for its heart, I have a few extra C’s of my own.

Wildwood might be a solo business, but it is in partnership with—and in service to—authors, readers, other editors, publishers, artists, activists, and our wider communities. Good storytelling takes collaboration. (As my favorite local donut shop says, “Community, not competition.” Thanks, Pip’s!)


In practice, for Wildwood this looks like:

  • Offering referrals to other editors if I’m unavailable or not the right fit for you
  • A resolute commitment to conscious language, inclusivity, education, and harm reduction 
  • Striving to make my work accessible by offering custom quotes and volunteer work when possible
  • Investing in the community through mentorship and ongoing donations to aligned causes


Whether we work together once, regularly, or connect in passing to discuss resources and referrals, I’d be honored to take this creative journey with you, and share in the celebration of everyone else who helps to bring your story to life.

Sharing your story with the world takes bravery, whether you’re writing about personal experiences or inviting us into an imagined world that took years to create. Requesting an editor’s feedback on your writing can feel just as vulnerable as publishing it—sometimes even more so! I handle your words with care and meet your brave work with my own.


Courageous editing involves:

  • Making all edits with care, with a focus on conscious language
  • Recommending a sensitivity reader or referring you to an editor with a different background if needed
  • Being transparent—about my process, my lived experiences, my strengths as well as the areas where I’m still growing—and making tangible amends when I make mistakes
  • Honoring your unique voice and background, and editing with the awareness that my personal lens is only one viewpoint


Your story is safe with me. I’m here to champion your words and to ensure the message at the heart of your work reaches your audience in the way you intended.

Storytelling can be serious, heavy work. It can also be playful, curious, and fun! Good editing supports your creative voice rather than stifling it, and I aim to make my changes as seamless as possible so your final work feels like the truest version of itself. I felt pressured to rigidly adhere to every grammar rule and stylebook when I first started editing, but I’ve learned that language is a living, evolving thing, and we get to be intentional about how we use it.

While consistency is important for clarity and accessibility, there’s still a lot of flexibility in writing styles, and we’ll co-create a style guide that reflects yours. I do harbor a few punctuation opinions (it comes with the job), but language is fluid and beautiful, and instead of boxing it in, we get to play with it. Let’s have some fun!

Photo of Simone, square

meet the editor

Hello! I’m Simone (she/they), a queer + neurodivergent language adventurer and a fierce believer in creating better worlds, both real and imagined.

When I’m not championing the work of my wildly creative, kind, and brave clients, I’m often reading, writing, and playing narrative games (favorites include Starfinder, Wanderhome, and Dragon Age). I also deeply love exploring forests with my spouse and our Disreputable Dog,* experimenting with watercolors, and moonlighting for artisans at Renaissance Festivals across the US.


I primarily live and work in the incredibly beautiful Pacific Northwest on the ancestral lands of numerous indigenous tribes, including the Stl’pulmsh (Cowlitz) and Guithla’kimas (Clackamas) peoples as well as many other groups in the present-day Confederated Tribes of the Grande Ronde and Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians. Wildwood (both the company and the forest trail it’s named after) would not be here today without their historic and ongoing stewardship.

To learn more about whose land you’re on, Native Land offers a good starting place. Additional resources include the Native Governance Center’s guide to land acknowledgments and Resource Generation’s guide to land repatriation.

A picture of a dog named Walker

*After years of rereading Garth Nix’s Abhorsen trilogy, we finally rescued our own Walker (named Penny Kibeth in her honor).

Photo taken in Forest Park on stolen Atfalati (Tualatin Kalapuya) land.