Wildwood Editing supports game designers, science fiction and fantasy authors, and other creatives at all stages of the writing journey. While editing services vary based on the goals of each stage, all edits are done with precision, care, and a focus on inclusive and conscious language.

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Early stages


Developmental or substantive editing looks at the big picture during early draft revisions and covers the foundations: organization, structure, pacing, point of view/narration, setting, etc. 

Best for…

  • Book authors with the first draft of their manuscript
  • Game designers with a narrative framework
  • Other creative writers putting together a content plan or course


My developmental spots are fully booked! To get on the waitlist, please send me a message.



With a strong foundation and completed copy, we can focus on the details at the sentence/word level. This is sometimes offered as two distinct services (line editing and copyediting), but I prefer to take a blended approach during my copyediting passes that includes the stylistic review of line editing. This level of editing is the most common and reviews sentence flow, word choice, spelling, punctuation, consistency, voice, and more.

Best for…

  • Book authors with a developed manuscript
  • Game designers with completed content (pre-layout preferred)
  • Creators writing newsletters, articles, and other digital copy


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Your content is so close to complete! Proofreading is the last editing phase before publishing to check for any typos introduced during layout or missed in a copyediting pass. 

Best for…

  • Book authors with an edited and laid-out manuscript
  • Game designers with edited and laid-out content
  • Published website reviews


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These broad categories cover the basics, but the needs of each project vary, and rates do too! Some projects are better suited to a per-word pricing structure while a set fee or retainer makes more sense for others. The detailed framework for my quote guidelines can be found at the link below. Please contact me for a quote tailored to you!