Detailed Rate Guidelines

While each quote is customized to your needs and project specifics, I use the following guidelines when pricing editing services. All editing passes, regardless of genre or level, include reading for sensitivity and conscious language. All rates are listed in USD.

Starts at $0.04/word

Games editing, especially for tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs), requires a unique blend of technical and narrative editing skills. I’ve been working in the gaming industry since 2018 and edit mechanics, lore, and everything in between. (Detailed game credits with Paizo, Magic: the Gathering, and indie publishers are in my portfolio.) 

If you don’t already have one, I will also create a style guide to ensure gnome ranger Tregilyen Thistlethwaite doesn’t introduce himself to his boyfriend’s parents as Tregilyan on page 59. During post-layout PDF passes, I also flag subtle but common typography errors like stacks and rivers.

Ranges from $0.02–$0.06/word

I love editing science fiction and fantasy stories of all shapes and sizes! I currently focus on web fiction and novellas but am happy to discuss both larger and smaller projects. Rates depend on size, turnaround time, and level of editing, but per word estimates generally start at 2¢ for proofreading, 4¢ for alignment (line+copyediting hybrid), and 6¢ for a joint developmental+alignment package. All levels include a thorough style sheet.

Set fees based on $0.025/word averages

The shortest pieces get the longest description! Even in informal emails to your community, good editing makes a difference. I preserve your conversational tone (and we can chat about which writing conventions to include or avoid) while ensuring your message is clear and comes across as intended.

I’ll also work with you to create a style guide that reflects your voice and—since this is a more flexible medium than game or book publishing—any aesthetic preferences (serial commas: Y/N? em dashes: open or closed?). I do these edits in Word, Google Docs, or directly in marketing platforms like Mailchimp.

Blog posts and more formal articles are typically at $0.025/word for copyediting with a $35 minimum, but per-word rates don’t suit newsletters as well; these are typically much smaller, more frequent and variable, and it’s inefficient to calculate fees on a weekly or monthly basis. Instead, we’ll explore retainers and fixed price options to see which is the best fit.

Fixed: If your newsletters have a standard format, length, and schedule, then we’ll use per-piece rates based on the following:

  • Newsletters average 1,000 words or fewer: $30 each
  • Newsletters average 1,500 words or fewer: $40 each (most common)
  • Newsletters average between 1,500–2,000+ words: $50 each


Retainer: If your content calendar fluctuates on the length and amount of posts, we can figure out a monthly retainer where I’m available for a certain number of pieces and you have a set fee to plan on each month (this typically ranges from $75–$130 based on your content plan).

Starting at $135

This includes a proofread of four main pages of your website (typically the home page, about page, services page, and contact page). Additional pages can be added for $20 each. In addition to reviewing content for clarity, typos, consistent voice, and conscious language, I’ll confirm all links point where they should and we’ll discuss accessibility features like alt-text for images.

(Please note that I am still learning and am not a web accessibility expert! I can point you toward expert consultants for a more in-depth review.)


Quotes for most larger projects include a deposit to reserve your spot and account for the extra communication and behind-the-scenes work that supports the editing process. Deposits are determined based on project schedule and scope.


Publishing has never been a level playing field: the industry is overwhelmingly white, from authors and editors to agents and publishers. It’s also predominantly male, cisgender, heterosexual, and abled. This is changing thanks to organizations like Row House Publishing, We Need Diverse Books, and Editors of Color, but there’s a long way to go.

If you’re a member of a marginalized community (or several) and you’d like to work together but cost is a barrier in accessing editing services, please reach out and we can explore custom quotes. I can also direct you to several trusted and talented colleagues with a variety of backgrounds and service options if I’m fully booked. Your story deserves to be told!

For more information on diversity imbalances in publishing, see the detailed breakdown in the Diversity Baseline Survey by Lee & Low Books. Hadassah Damien has a great resource on creating economic accessibility with sliding scales. My newsletter also features additional resources and creators! You can sign up for Wild Words below.